Social Media for Tennis Clubs – Get a HUGE Following

Many tennis club owners struggle to capitalize on the value of social networking to engage new prospects and grow their bottom line. Social media for tennis clubs is often a once a month effort that pushes club information rather than targeted member interest. Social media has become such a pervasive part of our lives, having a professional social presence now feels like a mandatory part of good business strategy. However, just having an account is no longer enough. Competition is high and data and technology separate amateurs from experts. All-too-often enough – tennis club employees get stuck in the “busy work” of working their social network, which can suck endless amounts of time with little return.

Are you putting valuable effort and energy into your social channels, but aren’t seeing a quantifiable result for your business goals? Then it’s time to sharpen up your social targeting skills. You absolutely can identify and initiate opportunities over social media.

Digital research is a pre-requisite before you take any action. Marketing on social media for business is a whole lot different than posting pictures of what you ate for lunch to your friends and family.  The founder of Tennis Club Marketing, Michael Volkin, literally wrote the book on social media lead generation. Here he outlines several tips to help you get that snowball of leads started. WARNING: This is time-consuming but it works! Social media takes a proper amount of planning as it does execution.

5 ways to better target tennis players via social media

  1. Channel Strategy


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