Tennis facilities are one of the key providers in the industry and are a primary "touch point" for the tennis consumer, as well as the delivery mechanism of industry programs and initiatives. To assist tennis facilities in growing the game, the Tennis Industry Association offers a variety of tools and resources they can utilize in their operations and in helping increase their profitability.


As a part of our mission to grow the game the TIA has developed an ongoing webinar series that covers a variety of topic areas in the tennis industry. Information and educational opportunities in our webinar series include subject areas that will help grow your business, teach you how to leverage technology in your tennis operations, increase client retention and educate you on ways to maintain and maximize growth and profitability for your company.

LEARN MORE is THE consumers #1 resource to find out about all things tennis. Leverage the power of industy-wide marketing and support to help grow your business by making sure YOUR business is listed.


Youth Tennis

Get into the swing of things by attending an event. Families and kids of all ages can get in on the fun together.



Play Tennis Fast is designed as a 6-session course of six, 1 hour lessons and is a specific starter player course that has been developed to introduce (or welcome back) adult players to tennis using the slower balls.



TIA SaaS Business Partners provide online tools and services to help you manage and grow your tennis business!


Careers In Tennis

Tennis facilities looking to fill open positions have the ability to use the Careers In Tennis website as a free recruiting resource to fill their positions. With over 1500 registered jobseekers and nearly 30,000 job views of the site annually, Careers In Tennis is the industry’s largest “career center,” connecting employers with potential future employees.


Facility Managers Manual

The Facility Manager’s Manual is a must read for every manager, whether they’re new to managing or have ‘been there, done that.’ It gives you a comprehensive look at being a successful manager in the industry. On every page, there are gold nuggets of information that you can implement to make you successful and your organization more dynamic and effective.


Retail Manager’s Manual

Running your own tennis retail operation can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you have an existing tennis retail business or are a new start-up, this manual provides you with the necessary information to operate a tennis retail store or a pro shop, as well as providing a good review on how to maximize profits. Our goal is to help you make decisions to effectively control the variables you will be confronting and avoid the pitfalls that plague many small businesses.

This manual can also be used to help make the best choices and thus insure and improve the profitability of an already existing pro shop. With sound planning and proper tools you can lay the foundation for retail success and profits, as well as an earned sense of accomplishment. Meanwhile, you will be operating your business in an atmosphere that offers a more personalized and engaging environment than sporting goods chains, and e commerce stores, your main sources of competition.


Facility Managers Manual for the Teaching Professional

With the aid of this manual, a manager can come as close as possible to experiencing the day-to-day issues and events that take place in a club. Many of these issues and events are at best manageable and not always resolvable. It’s this insight of managing that will help you grow in your job and eventually has you evolve in your skills along with the growth of your club.


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